Meaning and Order

Throughout history man has always tried to understand the world and his own situation within it. In the process he has created systems of order: religious, political, philosophical and scientifical.

This is not an individual but a collective endeavour. Nevertheless, order is not the only way in which meaning can be pursued and expressed. Other more personal paths can be travelled along, such as literature, music and arts, as forms of beauty and harmony that explore one’s intelligence and creativity.

There are several dimensions to this quest and the ways in which it expresses itself. Knowing how they can be organised is helpful for anyone looking for meaning – in one’s life, in existence, in the universe.

Believe it or not, there are answers to  some of the questions that you are asking yourself. It is not a matter of self help or quick fixes – it is a question of developing lines of inquisitive thought and expanding your knowledge and consciousness in the process.

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