Kingship descends from heaven

In the begining God created man or the idea of God made man create society. Deciding upon which is true is obviously a matter of faith.

What we do know is that civilization was not created by agriculture, nor from natural or instinctive feelings. To be sure, primates tend to be gregarious. But what distinguishes civilization is not a multitude of humans – it is culture.
Culture is what man adds or opposes to nature.

Civililization, according to the myths of archaic Mesopotamia, was established by the crafty god Enki, that we can compare to the greek Hermes.

This god had taught man the arts and crafts from agriculture and beer making to governance. He himself had indeed ruled in the first city ever created: the mighty and holy Eridu, built by the gods themselves, to celebrate the triumph over the powers of chaos. It was the first instance of order.


Israel e Constantinopla 146


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