Universe representations from traditional societies, that is to say, societies in which man saw himself as a part of an order of being that was ruled by supreme and divine powers, were less literal depictions of the physical world than they were symbolical images of the manifest and occult reality.

They were images of the universe alright, but of a universe seen from the eye of the mind. This is where myth and symbolizations of order come together. We all know that one of the myth’s primary functions is cosmological. So these representations combined the healing and enlightening functions of the myth with the cosmological and even social ones.




We could certainly multiply the references as well as the images that portrait these concepts. In one of my future posts, I will deal with an author that dedicated his life to trying to find an actual method to deduce basically the whole of the universe from certain more or less simple concepts and combinations. One of the interesting things here is also to recognise common symbols and conceptions in very different cultures, both from the East and the West. My purpose though is not only to identify such features but to search for the common essence of our spirit where they are coming from.



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